“My kids’ father and my brothers were goin’ thru something. Thank God PHILLY TRUCE helped them talk it out before anybody got hurt.”

Keisha B. - South Philly


“I overheard my grandson and the boy up the street talking about doing harm to somebody. I didn’t want them to hurt nobody or ruin their lives so I called PHILLY TRUCE.”

Helena W. - West Oak Lane


“I was about to do something real nutty. The OGs at Philly Truce helped me think it through. Inshallah I never give away my freedom for something petty.”

Shamar R. - North Philly


“I was stressin' about something my pop got booked for. He called me from CFCF and told me to get with Philly Truce. He said they would talk to the other side for me.”

Zaire G. - Southwest Philly


The PHILLY TRUCE APP is a two-way communication system that works like Uber or Lyft. We need our community to call for help before guns are drawn. We also need to be that help on the other end of the call.


As soon as you know something is brewing, CONTACT US. YOU ARE NOT SNITCHING. YOU'RE HELPING us take care of one another. You're inviting your community to support you. Remember: it takes a village!

Press the GET HELP button to tell us what's going on. Enter some basic info about yourself and the situation.

A trained PHILLY TRUCE REP will call or text you ASAP. If you can only text at the moment that’s fine. But to help us help you, please be prepared to talk about your situation ASAP.



WE NEED concerned neighbors like YOU to HELP US END the GUN VIOLENCE and aggression that’s robbing our young people of their futures and our communities of the peace we deserve.

Press the VOLUNTEER button to get involved. Then press BECOME A VOLUNTEER. Enter some basic info about yourself. You'll be notified when you're authorized to use the app. From that point you'll be able to log in when you press VOLUNTEER. It's that simple.

PHILLY TRUCE will get back to you ASAP to help you determine how you can best help the effort to achieve ZERO HOMICIDES NOW.



Pending Requests

Volunteers can easily help from the safety of home. The Pending Requests cue shows calls for assistance that are waiting to be answered. When logged in as a Volunteer, you'll have access to the cue. Simply tap on a request to respond to it. By taking this simple action, you could be saving a life.

The Philly Truce Menu

The menu is the doorway to Truce Culture. From Exclusive music and video content that's as empowering as it is entertaining, to the MORE SERVICES tab where you'll find self-referral options for a wide range of resources. Keep an eye on the menu for the latest innovations in the Truce Movement.


NOW AVAILABLE in the App Store and Google Play

Help Philadelphia step into our destiny as the city of brotherly love. We declare ZERO HOMICIDES NOW - #ZERONOW